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Greater Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture meets the first Tuesday of every month at 12 noon. Call for location 684-5849.

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Laurin, Montana > Laurin, MT

Laurin is pronounced locally as "la-ray", which is supposedly a French pronunciation, but the western accent probably makes it our own. Don't let the three roads leading from Hwy 287 to Laurin impress you, they all lead to the same lane. The charm of Laurin is just that... it's small size and rural beauty.

The Vigilante restaurant has been closed for years and the school was renovated long ago and is a private home. Galiger Lumber, 1/4 mile from Laurin on the opposite side of the hwy, is the most well known business here, but it is now joined by the Western Warrior Army Navy Surplus store. 


     Laurin, Montana was established in July of 1863 by John Batiste Laurin, who operated a trading store and had acquired much surrounding agricultural land. John Creighton of Creighton University was instrumental in backing Mr. Laurin's ventures. Up to this time, the small settlement had been called Cicero.
     In the early period after establishment, Laurin was a busy and prosperous community. The town at one time included the Martin Johnson Store, which was operated for 44 years by Mr. Johnson or members of his family; the Morse Brothers' Store and Post Office operated by Elmer and Oliver Morse; this store was destroyed by fire. The Ruby Valley Mercantile, which also housed the Post Office, was operated for a few years by the Kramer family. Later, this building was used for a picture show run by Orlie Estlin. Mrs. Deering had a milliner shop next to the Morse store which later was the residence of Mrs. Guthrie. The "Buffalo Hump" was owned and operated by Ed Archambault. It housed a saloon on the first floor and a dance hall on the second floor. An ice cream parlor was operated by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Beaufie and directly across the street was a saloon owned by Ed Grinsell.
     Before the advent of oiled roads and automotive power, Laurin enjoyed a large trade from the immediate vicinity. Many miners of the Ramshorn and Bivens gulches traded in Laurin and all had to get their mail at Laurin.

Charles B. Murray for M.C.H.A*

*directly from Pioneer Trails and Trials, Sheridan Public Library
:: Catholic Church Photograph
:: Joseph and Margaret Beaufie; writings of Marjorie Dauterman Dolan


K-8th grade students can attend school at either Alder or Sheridan. High school students attend the Sheridan school.

Favorite Places

The St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic church in Laurin is a small historic parish with a devoted following. Visitors are welcome to tour the church or join in Sunday Mass.

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